How to sign up

We are happy to announce that a new registration and information session is scheduled for Tuesday, 02 November 2021, at 8 pm and Tuesday, 09 November, at 8pm.
The registration for information session allows you to learn more about the association and its activities and to register to be on the waiting list to become a member of the association. This registration is going to be unique as we will limit the number of people who can participate to 30 for each session due to COVID restrictions.
In order to pre-register for the session of 02 November, kindly complete the attached form(In french) or this one(In french) for the 09 November with the correct informations and send it to us as soon as possible.
ATTENTION: you will not be able to complete the form once the required number has been reached (i.e. 30). Those who have pre-registered will receive further information by email on the next action.
Please note that your presence at this registration session at our office on the 02 November or 09 November is mandatory to validate your registration.
For those outsides of Switzerland who cannot make it to this registration session at our office are advised to designate someone to represent you on the 02 November or 09 November. Please inform us before this date by email, indicating the name of the person who will represent you (for the purpose validating your registration).

As of will be receiving calls to confirm your interest in a room on Tuesdays from 19:00 to 20:00.
Our new number for waiting list calls is: +41(0)77 977 20 20

A few clarifications for people looking for housing: the ALJF is not a hotel, it does not provide housing for short periods of time (not under 6 months). The ALJF does not have any rooms immediately available and the attribution of a room is not planned in advance. The ALJF only houses students and not their family, friends, etc. The association only provides one room per student.

Email and phone submissions will not be considered for attribution.

We are looking forward to meet you at our upcoming information sessions !